About Toyoda Lab

About Toyoda Lab

What is “Common Ground”

‘Common Ground’ is a new, higher-dimensional digital physical interface channel that is both a concept for an entire social system in the broadest sense and a specification for a generic 3D description in the narrowest sense. It is responsible for the delineation and systematisation of the overall picture and the development of basic technologies, in cooperation with various companies.

Our Mission and Philosophy

The Toyoda Laboratory conducts research and basic technology development in the area of the fusion of digital technology and cities/architecture, particularly in the new field of ‘common ground’, through joint industry-academia activities. Specifically, the following activities are carried out

  • Research on various trends and technologies related to smart cities
  • Prototyping of urban and architectural design through computational design

Collaboration with Academia, Industry and Government

The Toyoda Laboratory is actively promoting industry-academia cooperation initiatives. If you are a research institute or private company in a related field and are interested in our activities, please feel free to contact us via the Contact page.