Hermenegildo Solheiro

Hermenegildo Solheiro

Project Researcher


Born in a small town in Portugal, Hermenegildo grew up obsessing about drawing and imagining the faraway, fascinated by cities and the diversity of ways of living. From an early age, he fell in love with Japan for its unique blend of timeless tradition and cutting-edge technology.

His Master’s in Architecture at FAUP honored the relationship between placeness, culture, and the human body through design and the craft of space. The Urban Studio at KTH propelled him into the multifactorial urbanity and emphasized the importance of developing new methodologies for urban analysis and city-making.

Advanced studies in public management at the National Institute of Administration, coupled with over 7 years of professional experience at both local and central administration levels, allowed for a deep dive into the backstage of city-making and provided a hands-on opportunity to leverage technology for delivering informed solutions.

Recognizing the power of computational frameworks to reconcile hypercomplexity with accountability and the potential to improve spatial quality provided the basis for his Ph.D. at Imai Lab. This opportunity enabled him to develop powerful tools and conduct state-of-the-art urban analysis (AIJ Article).

Currently, he is exploring the flow between raw sensor data and extended reality content delivery for an enhanced human experience in the urban context.


2005-2010 University of Porto,FAUP, Masters in Architecture. Porto, Portugal

2008-2009 KTH Royal Institute of Technology, ERASMUS Urban Studio. Stockholm, Sweden

2011-2012 PEPAL Program, Architecture and Urbanism at the Local level. Douro Valley, Portugal

2013-2019 Ministry of Finance, Directorate General of the Treasury and Finance. Lisbon, Portugal

2012-2013  INA Institute of Administration, Advanced Studies in Public Management. Lisbon, Portugal

2020-2023 University of Tokyo, Imai Lab. Tokyo, Japan

2023~ Toyoda Lab, Project Researcher. Tokyo, Japan