New Paper at IEEE Smart Cities!

New Paper at IEEE Smart Cities!

Common Ground has one of its inaugural papers presented at the IEEE Smart Cities Conferences in Bucharest, Romania!

The paper ‘Proposal for the Implementation of Spatial Common Ground and Spatial AI using the SSCP (Spatial Simulation-based Cyber-Physical) Model’ details the system architecture that could facilitate the Common Ground vision.

The paper was authored by Youichiro Miyake, Keisuke Toyoda, Takashi Kasuya, Akihiko Hyodo, Masashi Seiki. The paper was presented by Youichiro Miyake and Keisuke Toyoda, who also used the opportunity to visit counterparts and build academic community relationships in other parts of Europe.

The conference ISBN 979-8-3503-9775-8, and the final paper will be referenced here after publication.

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