Sharing Knowledge with the Finland Futures Research Center

Sharing Knowledge with the Finland Futures Research Center

In early February, Professor Miyake and Lee had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from the Finland Futures Research Center (FFRC) to share knowledge and identify the challenges and our research into the future of Smart Cities.

Topics covered included spatial AI, meta AI, metaverse and smart cities, with a focus on how game engine technologies could be the keystone between all of these in terms of creating synthetic data, as well as processing and responding to many input sources.

Common Ground was introduced as a vision for future smart cities, suggesting an inversion of thinking towards independent embodied agents communicating through a Meta AI, instead of focusing solely on orchestrating entire ecosystems. To enable this vision, the adoption of Common Spatial Description Languages was proposed, and several prototypes were showcased as examples of this approach.

Lee (Toyoda Lab), Tero (FFRC), Jari (FFRC), Miyake (Miyake Lab), and Tolga (FFRC) in the lab

A whole bunch of future collaboration topics were identified, and we look forward to continuing discussions and seeing how the Finland and Japan Futures may align!

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